Quake 3 Source Code Review: Architecture


Since I had one week bef

ore my next contract I decided to finish my «cycle of id». After Doom, Doom Iphone, Quake1, Quake2, Wolfenstein iPhone and Doom3 I decided to read the last codebase I did not review yet:

idTech3 the 3D engine that powers Quake III and Quake Live.

The engine is mostly an evolution of idTech2 but there are some interesting novelties. The key points can be summarized as follow:

Part 2 : New dualcore renderer with material based shaders (built over OpenGL Fixed Pipeline).

Part 3 : New Network model based on snapshots.

Part 4 : New Virtual Machines playing an essential part in the engine, combining Quake1

portability/security with Quake2 speed.

Part 5 : New Artificial Intelligence for the bots.

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